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Sino Vedic Cancer Research Centre

Sino Vedic Cancer Research Centre was founded by Dr. S.P. Kaushal M.B.B.S., M.D. (Chinese medicine), Ph. D., D.Sc., in February 1985, by creating a team of doctors and scientists with the aim to explore the role of herbs to fight cancer. Over a period of two decades, this team under the able guidance of Dr. Kaushal identified more than 450 anticancer herbs having having antimutagenic, DNA repairing, proapoptotic, antitumourangiogenesis, immunomodulatory, chemoprotective and radioprotective properties properties and further developed various anticancer herbal formulations including Oncotame, Cancertame and Immunotone that help to fight cancer without side effects. Sino Vedic herbal formulations execute their therapeutic effect by complex synergistic interactions among various phytoconstituents (active principles) of these precious anticancer herbs.
Sino Vedic herbal formulations are better remedies, especially for those cancer patients who become resistant to chemotherapy and for those who are not fit to receive chemotherapy & radiotherapy due to old age, marked weakness or any other factor including cardiac insufficiency, renal failure, hepatic failure, severe bone marrow suppression and for those who are detected in advanced stages of cancer.
Sino Vedic herbal formulations help to fight cancer at every step i.e., genesis, growth and spread of cancer. These herbal formulations help to tame aggressive cancer cells by repairing damaged DNA, inhibiting mutations in the genes, blocking cancer promoting enzymes & hormones, reviving the process of apoptosis (programmed cell death) and inhibiting tumour angiogenesis (ability of cancer cells to create new blood vessels). Sino Vedic herbal formulations minimise the incidence of recurrence of cancer and reduce side effects of chemotherapy & radiotherapy including life threatening complications such as bone marrow suppression. Some of Sino Vedic herbal formulations are designed to prolong lifespan and improve quality of life in those patients who are suffering from advanced stages of cancer.
Sino Vedic herbal formulations inhibit seeding, micrometastasis and metastasis of cancer by reducing adhesive capacity of cancer cells to the endothelial lining of lymphatic and blood vessels. Sino Vedic herbal formulations are equally effective in hormone sensitive and hormone refractory types of cancer. Sino Vedic herbal formulations also boost immune system of the body against cancer by enhancing activity of immune cells and promoting production of cytokines (including interleukin, tumour necrosis factor & colony stimulating factor) that help to fight cancer. Sino Vedic herbal formulations can be taken alone or along with chemotherapy and radiotherapy before or after the surgery.